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Please go to my photography business blog for two recent posts featuring Asher & Eva. :) Thanks!

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Project Ten Challenge: Treasures

I’ve been absolutely terrible about keeping up this blog. Starting my own photography business has taken up all my extra time. I’ve joined a photo project that I hope will push me to keep up with my personal work. I posted recent photos of Asher & Eva on my photography business blog so please take a peek over there. I hope to start catching up the year’s worth of family photos I’ve fallen behind on, so please check back in a couple weeks. :)

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On Mothers and the things I want to remember.

We just recently celebrated Mother’s Day. My mind has been on mothers a lot lately. I just finished a few wonderful photo sessions of my friends and their kids. I simply love the theme of “Mother & Child” for photography. It has so much meaning and there’s always so much love. Mother = love. I adore being Mommy to my son and daughter. They are amazing little people. There are many fleeting moments in the time warp of motherhood and there are many details I want to capture, things I always want to remember, like:
A + E playing in the dirt and the garden….

like the back of their heads, how A’s hair makes a cute little tail…

and how there are little curls and ringlets on the back of E’s head…

and the look on A’s face when he shows me he can make it all the way across on the monkey bars because he’s a “big boy” now….

and how E wanted so badly to do what he could do in the way a younger sibling does….

I remember playing in the dirt with roly poly bugs and catching moths, getting dirty and playing outside when I was little. Life was simple. I love re-living those moments of my childhood through my own children.

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New Photography Business

As you already know, I’ve been working hard on starting my own photography business. Today I finally started a new blog (still a work in progress) and a FB page. I realized I want to keep my personal stuff separate from my business so I needed to have a separate blog and FB page. My actual photography website and online portfolio are not finished yet. My dear hubby is helping me with this and it’s taking a bit of time. Please stay tuned!

Here is the link to my new blog:

And here is the link to my new FB page:

Please support me and like my page if you haven’t already done so.

I will continue posting personal photos to this blog. All other work will be posted to my blog and FB Page. Cheers!

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Sneak Peeks for Deb & Katie

I did a fun little photo shoot this evening for two of my Mommy friends and their babies. The sky was perfectly overcast so we got really pretty light. I have two more sessions to edit before I can really spend some time editing these, but here are a couple of my favorites thus far. :)

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Project 52: Short-lived

Well folks. I have been much too busy with life to keep this up, and I have so much going on with my photography and trying to start my business that I just don’t have the time to do this fun project. Perhaps at a later time I will pick back up and join in again, but for now I’m taking a break from this. Cheers! :)

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Project 52: 14/52 – Give me a drink

I fell behind with this project because we went on vacation to Joshua Tree and now I’m playing catch up. I didn’t have much for this week so I loosely interpreted the theme for the week. “Give me a drink” (….to go with my pear) I love this photo I captured of E while we were at Desert Hot Springs Hotel enjoying their pools. She loves pears!

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Project 52: 13/52 – Look out for curves

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Easter Practice Shoot: Spring has sprung!

You know me, always taking my kids (my most favorite subjects these days) along with me to go scouting and practice practice practice. I found this lovely field of flowers just up the way from my house. Even SD gets some nice wildflowers in the Springtime. I love it. I wish I was better prepared for this shoot. I’m always rushing us out the door and racing to get there while the light is good. Half the time I can never find anything great to put Asher in other than a white shirt. It’s hard to coordinate him with what I put Eva in. I wish I had remembered his baby blue sweater vest but I think it was in the hamper. Anyway, this was a lot of fun and I processed it with some vintage tones. There’s one of Eva crying. Yes, sometimes I am that parent who takes photos of her kids crying. She had fallen down and skinned her leg, which she does all the time because she’s a total clutz and never watches where she’s stepping. We’re starting to wonder if it’s her eyesight, but I think she’s just really clumsy.

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Project 52 – 12/52: Vintage Charm

The light was really harsh as it was the worst time of day for photography, but I do love this photo. It’s a rare moment when I can get both my Littles to look at the camera. Holding hands was an added bonus. :)

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Updates on me

Hello! It’s been fairly quiet here on this blog, other than my Project 52 updates. Life is busy and great for me and the kids. I’ve been going to yoga at least three times a week, sometimes five times. I bought myself a monthly unlimited membership to my favorite yoga studio so I make a point to go whenever I can. It’s done wonders for my mood and well-being. Ever since I started going to yoga on a regular basis (mid-January) so many positive things came into my life. Chad has been such a huge support. He has to rush home from work so we can get the kids fed in time for me to go. He puts them both down to sleep now. It was tough at first, but they are used to it now and on the nights I don’t go to yoga they really enjoy having Mommy time during the bedtime routine. :)

I started taking a Photography Business Workshop at UCSD Extension where I’m learning all there is to know about starting your own photography business. It’s helped get my butt in gear to work on a website and an online portfolio.

I also got my first paid photography gig photographing a family right before they welcome their 4th child. It was fun and very challenging. Three kids all feeding off each other making goofy poses and faces. I worked hard to get my shots. I even had to make animal noises. Here is my most favorite one:

Once their baby sister arrives in early April I will also do a newborn session for them. I’m very excited for this.

Lastly, I started an 11-day yoga and dietary cleanse last Wednesday. I’m on day six, so I’m about halfway through. It’s been quite a journey. Waking up for 5am yoga has been brutal. So has the diet. I have to eat all organic fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, and some grains like quinoa and millet. Absolutely no dairy, bread or refined sugars. It’s been really tough sticking to this diet and EXPENSIVE. Organic is so expensive. I don’t know how anyone can afford to eat all organic everyday. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on food just for myself.

Anyway, this has been a great challenge for me. In the end, I hope to improve my eating habits and adjust my circadian rhythms to an earlier schedule. The yoga is an hour and forty-five minutes long. It’s Kundalini Naad Yoga, which is more of a meditative yoga with mantras and chanting, followed by a twenty minute gong “bath” during Shavasana (final resting pose). It focuses on healing through different kriyas, vibration and chanting. I must say, the gong bath has become my favorite part. It is so relaxing to hear the gongs! Last Sunday’s practice was extra special–hearing the sound of the hail and rain coming in and out, the gong bath, and the sunrise. It was beautiful. Why am I writing so much detail about this? Because someday A and E will read this and be proud of their Mama. :) Sat Nam.

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Project 52: 11/52 – Finding beauty in the everyday details

E’s morning O’s :)

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