On Mothers and the things I want to remember.

We just recently celebrated Mother’s Day. My mind has been on mothers a lot lately. I just finished a few wonderful photo sessions of my friends and their kids. I simply love the theme of “Mother & Child” for photography. It has so much meaning and there’s always so much love. Mother = love. I adore being Mommy to my son and daughter. They are amazing little people. There are many fleeting moments in the time warp of motherhood and there are many details I want to capture, things I always want to remember, like:
A + E playing in the dirt and the garden….

like the back of their heads, how A’s hair makes a cute little tail…

and how there are little curls and ringlets on the back of E’s head…

and the look on A’s face when he shows me he can make it all the way across on the monkey bars because he’s a “big boy” now….

and how E wanted so badly to do what he could do in the way a younger sibling does….

I remember playing in the dirt with roly poly bugs and catching moths, getting dirty and playing outside when I was little. Life was simple. I love re-living those moments of my childhood through my own children.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Simply beautiful. I love the afternoon sunlight streaming through the photos.

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